Code of Conduct

Last updated March 12, 2024

hackMCST is an event intended for learning, collaboration, engagement, and fun. We want to ensure that our participants feel welcomed, included, and safe in our environment. All attendees—including staff, participants, and judges—are expected to conform to the following Code of Conduct.

All participants are expected to show respect and courtesy to others at our event. Be kind, thoughtful, and supportive of everyone and their ideas; encourage and help others when they are in need.

We don’t tolerate any forms of harassment, discrimination, or bullying: including physical harassment, sexual harassment, and offensive verbal comments related to someone’s gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion, etc. Attendees asked to stop any behavior deemed as harassment, discrimination, or bullying are expected to comply immediately. If an attendee fails to comply, they will be asked to leave the event.